New KFI tower collapses 

On March 18, 2008, the new KFI radio tower that was under construction collapsed. This tower was being built to replace the one built in 1947 which collapsed in 2004. The tower was about 300 feet tall when it collapsed, the final height was to be 694 feet.

The new tower began construction on March 14, 2008. The sections arrived at the site unpainted. Workers started prepping the site and the anchors and guy wires.

The first section went up a few days later.

Over the next few days more segments were added. On the last photo you can see the guy wire insulators.

According to a worker at the site, the tower collapsed when they were securing the third set of guy wires. The tower came down on March 18th at around 2:30pm. No one was seriously injured or killed.

The tower struck the building on its way down.

The shock of the impact shattered anything not metal, and crushed the metal frame.

The cause of the failure was pretty clear. The northeast support was a different design than the previous tower. On the 1947 tower the first support wire started at the 300 foot level. On this new design the first support started at 100 feet. This guy wire crosses the street that had been built since 1947. Semi trucks needed clearance to drive through, so a pole was raised about 15 feet which the guy wires were attached to.

The threads holding the tower to the ground failed. Which caused the entire unit to fail, ripping the entire structure out of the ground.

A forklift had a wooden box filled with merchandise on the loading area when the tower came down. The guy wires struck the box and forklift, destroying the box and damaging two semi truck trailers. Home Page - - Hosted by DreamHost